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The Razzle Berry Wackadoodle Garden is a 44 page high quality, hardcover children's book.

When you enter the gates of The Razzleberry Wackadoodle Garden you enter in the morning with bright blueberry skies, surrounded by flowers of purple cauliflower and pink grapefruit. A pretty pink watermelon pig greets you with a smile, while a proud purple peacock made from cabbage and squash parades down the garden trail, showing off his pretty plume of green dill and other bright vegetables. This is no ordinary garden. Broccoli trees are really a thing and the pathway takes you on a journey meeting all sorts of artsy fruit and veggie friends along the way. 

Also featured in the Wackadoodle Garden is a sunset with peachy skies made from a close-up of peach skin that soon gives way to nighttime with glowing  fireflies crafted of melon, and a banana crescent moon glows against a deep blue and purple fruit and vegetable sky.

 Once you enter the gates, you’ll have to and want to come back for more; seeing new things, discovering new fruits and vegetables hidden within the art.

Absolutely everything in the story is made from fruits and vegetables - the sunsets, the mountains and all the little creatures and  bugs in the book!